Corporate Code of Conduct

We, as people conducting business related to the safety and security of food, as well as its taste and enjoyment, are aware of the weight of this social responsibility. We will strictly adhere to all laws as a matter of course, and with common social decency based on high ethical values, will act in accordance with the principles listed below.

In order to be an honest company

While not forgetting our roots as a wholesaler, each and every employee is aware that they represent the company, and will always carry a sense of gratitude and a sincere and modest bearing.
We will deliver safety and security to our customers.
By always being conscious of the peace of mind of our customers and clients, we will continue to provide safe products and services with regard to all fields, including product management, delivery, and development.
While strictly adhering to the law, we conduct transactions in a fair and transparent manner.
We will strictly adhere to both domestic and international laws, as well as internal corporate regulations, while acting with social decency. In addition, we will conduct business in a fair and transparent manner based on the principles of free competition.
We will be aware of our proper role as a wholesaler and work to secure a healthy stream of revenue.
We will not forget our mission as a wholesaler, and as a company we will realize vibrant development and work to secure a healthy stream of revenue in order to fulfill our duty to society.
We will disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.
We will communicate broadly with society and disclose corporate information accurately and fairly, and in a timely manner.
We will appropriately handle confidential information, personal information, and intellectual property.
We will recognize the importance of and the need to protect the confidential information gained through our work and the personal information of our customers, while handling all of such appropriately. Furthermore, we wukk recognize the importance and effectiveness of the intellectual property in possession by our company, while working to protect what we possess and also to create more. We will also treat the intellectual property of third-parties with similar respect, and will not improperly use or infringe upon them.
We will proactively conduct measures for environmental issues.
By conducting measures for environmental conservation, resource conservation, and energy conservation, we will advance our environmentally-friendly business activities so that we may leave a rich and bountiful life for the next generation.
We will cherish each other’s individuality in order to draw out our motivation and skills to the fullest extent.
We will respect the human rights of each individual and will, without unjust prejudice, cherish each other’s individuality in order to fully draw out the motivation and skills of each person.
Our company’s executives, beginning with our top management, recognize their role in realizing the spirit of this Charter of Corporate Behavir. They will set an example and thoroughly enforce the Charter within our company and among group companies while working to maintain an effective corporate structure. In the event that this Charter of Corporate Behavior is violated, we will take responsibility and work toward a resolution while also investigating the cause and taking steps to prevent a recurrence. At the same time, we will swiftly and accurately disclose information and seek strict punitive measures, including for ourselves.