We respond to the needs. We creates needs.

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Since our founding in 1923, Takayama Co., Ltd. has acted as a wholesaler specializing in confectionery.
As the times and environment around us change, new issues come to the surface.
Takayama’s mission is based on two core tenets:
1. Meeting our clients’ diverse and changing needs 2. Creating new demand
These key drivers are implicated in our business activities.

In order to achieve the above,
we understand that we must maximize revenue and profits; we must minimize various logistical risks; and we must manage these operations in a low-cost, efficient fashion.
By continually refining and improving upon these tenets,
Takayama aims to become a further specialist wholesaler of sweets and create new profits for all of our stakeholders across the supply chain.

President and director
Tokimitsu Takayama

Five core functions