Since our founding, we at Takayama have fully pursued our role as a sweets and foodstuffs trading firm and met our client’s every need, securing a network of trusted customers.
We are where we are today thanks to your support.
Today, as we greet 100 years since our founding, Takayama is taking bold new steps to growth.
1923 Hisakura Takayama, the founding president of the company, opens a candy retailer in a traditional tradesman’s townhouse in Arakawa-ku. He goes on to own and operate a chain of 43 sweet shops around the city.
1949 Takayama installs a sales office in Ameyokocho in the Ueno-Okachimachi area; it becomes a dedicated wholesale site.
1955 The company becomes the first confectionery dealer to trade in general foodstuffs.
1956 May Takayama Co., Ltd. established Hisakura Takayama becomes president and director of the company.
1964 Dec The company’s headquarters building is completed, and the firm moves from the townhouse in Arakawa-ku to its present-day location.
1966 Nov Tokiji Takayama becomes president and director of the company.
1972 Jan Began acting as damage insurance agent. Opened Kanto branch in Omiya, expanding throughout Kanto and Koshin’etsu regions.
1974 June Began manufacture and sale of packing materials.
1975 May Opened sales office in traditional townhouse and utilized as main point of operations for convenience store logistics.
Launched new computer facility and implemented FACOM-V workstations.
1976 Mar Opened sales office in Kyushu
1980 Oct Opened Sendai Branch in Sendai
1982 July Opened satellite office in Hiroshima
1983 Jan Digitized and put all office locations online.
Mar Opened satellite office in Nagaoka.
1986 Oct Implemented digital picking system.
Opened distribution centers in Sakura and Sayama.
1992 May New headquarters building completed.
Opened sales office in Atsugi.
1994 July Opened sales offices in northern Kyushu and northern Kanto.
1995 June Hisakazu Takayama becomes president and director of the company.
1996 Feb Moved Hiroshima and Matsumoto sales offices to new locations.
Opened sales offices in Miyazaki and Kobe.
1997 Apr Moved location of Nagaoka sales office.
1998 Mar Merged Tosu and Omuta sales offices and opened new sales office in Yame.
May Opened sales office in Okayama.
1999 Sep Opened dispatch and calculation center.
2000 Apr Moved location of Kyoto sales office.
Aug Moved location of Kanto Branch.
Sep Moved location of Miyoshi sales office and opened sales office in Niiza.
Nov Opened sales office in Ichihara.
2001 Opened dispatch center in Chiba and sales office in Yamagata.
2002 Opened uniform dispatch center in Misato.
Opened Kanto Branch Musashi Center.
Opened sales office in Okazaki.
2003 Apr Opened Maihama Center.
May Tokiji Takayama becomes president and director of the company.
Sep Opened Saitama South Sales Office.
Oct Opened sales office in Fukuoka.
Dec Miyoshi Takayama becomes chairman of the company.
Akira Nakamichi becomes president and director of the company.
2004 May Chiwako Takayama becomes vice president of the company.
Aug Moved location of Tokyo branch.
Sep Moved location of Maihama Center and renamed to Funabashi Sales Office.
Opened sales office in Nagoya
Merged Fukuoka sales offices and promoted sales office in Yame to Fukuoka Branch status.
Oct Opened Kakegawa Central Room Storage Center
Nov Opened Yame Central Room Storage Center
2005 Jan Opened Utsunomiya Central Room Storage Center
Mar Promoted sales office in Kyoto to Kansai Branch status.
Moved location of Saitama sales office.
Opened Sayama Central Room Storage Center.
Sep Opened Fujisawa Central Room Storage Center.
Oct Moved dispatch and calculation center to Misato.
2006 Mar Moved location of Okegawa center and opened Kanto Branch Sano Center.
June Closed Atsugi sales office and opened Sagamihara sales office.
2007 June Opened sales office in Sapporo.
Sep Renamed Nagano sales office to Matsumoto Sales Office Nagano Center.
Oct Opened Kakogawa Central Room Storage Center.
2008 May Masao Morimoto becomes president and director of the company.
2009 Feb Moved location of the Nagoya sales office.
June Moved the IY Takayama Uniform Dispatch center to Kumagaya.
Moved dispatch and calculation center and renamed to Machiya Sales Office.
Dec Moved location of Kanto Branch Sano Center and renamed to Kanto Branch Ashikaga Center.
2010 Mar Promoted Okayama sales office to branch status.
Renamed Hiroshima sales office to Okayama Branch Hiroshima Sales Office.
Opened North Kanto Sweets Dispatch Center.
2011 Feb Moved some divisions from headquarters to Ueno Building.
May Takayuki Tominaga becomes president and director of the company.
June Opened Miyagi Sweets Dispatch Center.
2012 Apr Moved North Kanto Sweets Dispatch Center to Shimotsuke.
Aug Increased capital reserves to 310M JPY.
Sep Opened Kanto branch Kawajima Center.
Dec Moved location of Sapporo sales office.
2013 Mar Moved location of Kanto Branch.
2014 Feb Opened Chikugo Room Storage Center.
June Opened Kawagoe Room Storage Center.
2015 Feb Moved Kansai Branch sales division to Osaka.
Renamed Kansai Branch Logistics Division to Kansai Branch Hachiman Center.
May Tokimitsu Takayama becomes president and director of the company.
Sep Promoted Nagoya sales office to Chubu Branch status.
Renamed Shizuoka Branch to Chubu Branch Shizuoka Sales Office.
Oct Moved sales Toumei Branch sales division to Sagamihara.
Renamed Toumei Logistics Division to Toumei Branch Yamato Center.
2016 May Moved location of Information Systems Branch to Motoasakusa Office.
2017 Oct Moved sales Fukuoka Branch sales division to Fukuoka.
Renamed Fukuoka Logistics Division to Fukuoka Branch Yame Center.
2018 May Moved location of Fukuoka Branch Yame Center to Yame.
2019 Mar Renamed Chubu Branch Shizuoka Sales Office to Chubu Branch Shizuoka Center.
Renamed Funabashi Sales Office to Funabashi logistics Center.
2020 and beyond
2020 Feb Moved location of Chubu Branch to Kounan.
June Opened Chubu Branch Hakusan Center.
2021 Aug Opened Kanto Branch Kumagaya Center.
Oct Renamed Funabashi Logistics Center to Kanto Branch Funabashi Center.
2022 July Opened Sendai Branch Morioka Center.
Sep Opened Tokyo Branch Chiba Center.